Affordable SEO Services

As the name suggests we offer affordable SEO services to small & local businesses in the United Kingdom.

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We keep our affordable SEO services simple & effective. Our job is to improve your Google rankings and increase your website traffic. We offer no contract affordable SEO services designed to grow small & local businesses. We can keep our prices affordable by focusing on doing the SEO work rather than spending hours in meetings or phone calls. We are the perfect service for small businesses who want to save time, outsource their SEO, increase their website traffic and grow their business online. 

three simple steps

Affordable SEO Services


Proposal & Plan 

After sending a proposal request above you will receive a free breakdown of how we can help grow your website traffic & Google rankings alongside pricing options that are affordable for small & local businesses. Our partner Bespoke Marketing Plans will send your SEO plan to the contact email you provided. The plan will feature some key areas where we can help grow your website traffic & Google rankings. You choose the affordable SEO service that suits you or even ask us additionally questions. 

Research & Data

Once you have selected your affordable SEO service we start the research & data stage. This is a exciting stage where we find out true potential SEO can bring to your business.


We will begin the process of researching your competitors, keyword data, search trends and everything else. You don't have to do anything at this stage. We will find new keywords to target alongside creating new title tags & meta descriptions for your website. These will help your ranking improve and mean more people who are searching for the products/services you offer will see your website. 

Affordable SEO Services


Affordable SEO Services


Simple Payment & Set Up

One of the main reasons we can offer affordable SEO services is by offering simple payment set up alongside easy monthly payments. This means you will get no surprise charges or monthly invoices.

We set up a simple monthly direct debit payment via GoCardless once that is confirmed we will send over the new titles & meta descriptions for your website alongside our keyword data. 

You can then ask any questions and once you have approve we will start to SEO your site. After month one you will receive a full report breakdown of your keyword ranking and website traffic alongside a breakdown of how we are going to help improve your rankings over the coming months.

All of our services are non-contract and you can pause or cancel the direct debit whenever you need to. 

Affordable SEO Services 

We will be perfect for you if you are a small or local business that wants affordable SEO services that don't break the budget. We found there was gap in the market for a company to offer low cost SEO services that bought long term results to small & local businesses. As we have worked in a range of industries across the UK, it has allowed us to understand what works and what doesn't. Our prior experience means you don't need to spend hours in meetings, on calls or sending emails. We will provide you will quality SEO services and you can focus on business.


We found the main issues with low cost SEO agencies were that they outsourced their work, they used spammy techniques & they would work with any business meaning they didn't have any specialist focus. 


We decided to solve these problems - All work is done by a UK based digital marketer, we have years of SEO experience using techniques that compile with Google guidelines and we have a specialist focus of only offering our services to small & local businesses.  

Contact us today to claim your free SEO proposal which will highlight key areas where we can help improve your Google rankings & organic traffic. 



about Affordable seo services

Affordable SEO services was founded by Guy Hudson in 2021. As a professional digital marketer Guy created Bespoke Marketing Plans to offer digital marketing plans to businesses who could not yet afford professional marketing help.


These plans ended up being successful for the businesses that used them however they could not find the time to do all the work themselves. This is where Affordable SEO Services was formed. Guy believes SEO is the best service for small & local businesses as there are no surprises costs and it allows for month on month growth.