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About Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services became a reality in early 2021 after founder Guy Hudson set up Bespoke Marketing Plans in 2020. The creation of Bespoke Marketing Plans that focused on writing digital marketing plans for small businesses opened up a new issues, no agency wanted to focus on small & local businesses. After writing a small number of plans small business owners often realised that they didn't have the time to do their own marketing and general day-to-day business tasks. They also couldn't afford to pay £1000's on ads or agency fees. This is why Affordable SEO services was created. To offer small & local business owners affordable long term growth via SEO services. 

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Business District


We want to offer professional SEO services to small & local businesses our goal is to ensure businesses of all sizes can afford professional SEO services.

We believe SEO is the most cost effective long term marketing channel small & local businesses can invest in.

Appearing in the top of the organic search results will allow your business to start generate new leads & conversions without having any ad spend. 

Will we be a good fit?

We understand our services are not for everyone. They are affordable SEO services by focusing on doing the work and not being in meetings or on phone calls.

We provide monthly plans & reports where you can ask any questions. 

We have provided SEO services to small & local businesses across the UK so know what works & how to grow website traffic - This knowledge allows us to offer lower prices to our clients. 

We will be a good fit if you are a small or local business who wants to outsource their SEO to a professional that will allow them to save valuable time alongside improving their website traffic. 

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Who do we work with?

One of the best benefits of SEO is that it works in pretty much every industry. We mainly work with small & local businesses and have experience in but not limited to working in the following industries; Law Firms, Accountants, Restaurants, Financial Servicers, Startups, Healthcare, Photographers, Electricians, Real Estate, Hotels, Car Dealerships, Musicians, Financial advisors, construction companies, manufacturing companies, wedding photographers, therapists, insurance agents, industrial companies, gyms, architects, bars & plumbers