Affordable SEO For Small Businesses

Low Cost Affordable SEO for Small Businesses

We specialise in offering affordable low cost local SEO services for small businesses in the UK. All of our services are designed to grow your websites traffic & Google rankings without breaking your budget. Our prices start as low as £99 a month. All services are non-contract and paid via a simple monthly direct debit.  View what we offer below and find out how we can grow your business with affordable low cost SEO for small businesses. 

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Grow Your Website Traffic

Our main goal is to grow your website traffic with our low cost affordable SEO services. This will mean more potential customers will see you higher in the Google rankings and interact with your website. 

Monthly Plan & Report

We keep you updated with how our low cost affordable local SEO services are helping your business. Each month you will get a report of the previous months work & plan breaking down the work we will do the following months. 

Cost Effective Affordable SEO For Small Businesses

We send you affordable SEO service packages, you pick the one that suits your goals & budget best and the price is set. One simply monthly payment. No hidden invoices or surprise costs. 

Fix On-Site SEO Issues

Websites often have issues, some of these issues can have a impact on SEO. We audit all of our clients site every month to see if there are any errors or warning and ensure we fix them. All businesses on our affordable SEO packages get a monthly SEO audit. 

Locally Based Digital Marketer

A lot of cheap SEO services for small businesses outsource the work to someone outside the country. You will get direct contact with the person doing the work. We understand your potential customers and the areas you want to target. 

Building Backlinks

Building backlinks from websites in your areas is one of the key SEO ranking factors. We are experienced backlink builders and will ensure your website features in more directories and business citations to help boost your SEO. 


Affordable seo services

Our low cost SEO services are designed to get your business more attention from potential customers. Our services will help you outrank your competitors, generate more calls, increase website visits & get more leads. We specialise in working with businesses who have a limited budget. Our experience focusing on working with small & local businesses has allowed us to know what it takes to run a successful SEO campaign that doesn't break the bank. 

We are not a short term fix or a flash in the pan marketing campaign for your business. We offer low cost SEO services that support and promote the long term growth of your business. We want to take care of your SEO and you take care of your business. 

Our packages are perfect for small & local business owners who want professional low cost local SEO services which allows them to focus on their business and doesn't break their budget. 


Google My Business management

We don't just work on your website. Google My Business is proven to be one of the best methods to get more customers. We have spent years working on Google My Business listings and understand what it takes to optimise these listings. 

We offer to take care of your listing as part of our low cost SEO packages. This means you can get more leads, visits & calls without paying for ads. 

Google My Business allows you to rank in the map pack this can be a shortcut to rank for keywords while your website SEO is taking place. This is perfect for businesses who offer a service or are in a competitive area. We ensure more potential customers find & engage with your listing. 

If you don't have a GMB listing it is crucial we create one for you, we will also research your competitors listings and aim to outrank them. Google My Business is one of the best marketing channels for small businesses so we highly recomend them as part of our affordable SEO services for small businesses.


Get more visitors online & in person

We don't just offer services to online businesses or service based businesses. We offer our services to all local & small businesses. The list of industries we have helped is long but for example we have helped generate more business for; bars, wedding bar companies, plumbers, gyms & accountants. 

We will look at your industry, current standings & target areas as this will allow us to make the decision on how we can best help your business. Every industry requires slightly different services as some affordable SEO services work better for plumbers than they would a gym. 

We also take your goals into account, maybe you want more people to visit a physical location or want to simply increase your website traffic. Our low cost SEO services can be tailored towards your main goals. 


How will SEO help my business?

Our affordable low cost SEO services will play a vital role in growing your business. It is vital your business is seen by potential customers, our services ensure you are shown for keywords related to what your business offers. Our SEO services ensure your business gets as much attention as possible. 

How long does it take to see SEO results?

This depends on many variables such as how competitive your area & industry is, your current standings and factors out of control such as Google indexing.

We work fast and will start working on your site from the day you sign up. Within 30 days of working with us we will of optimised your Google My Business listing, built new backlinks & found local keywords for your website to rank for. SEO is a long term game and it is important to see it as a investment. Like all investments the sooner you get started the more chance you have of being successful in the future. As a small business it's likely you don't have £1000's to spend on ad campaigns, the good news is SEO can bring free clicks & leads to your website. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation which is the process of optimising your business both on-site & off-site top ensure you appear higher in the search engine results. We make edits to your website alongside building backlinks from other websites to ensure your website can rank as high as possible in the Google search results. 

Do I even need to focus online? I get most my business word of mouth. 

For a lot of industries word of mouth & referrals is a main marketing channel, in fact we get enquires via referrals from other happy clients. We would never tell you to stop focusing on this. Online marketing is getting more popular as more people each year go to Google to look for local businesses. Our services ensure you are found by these people. SEO should assist the rest of your marketing efforts. 

How much will SEO cost?

Prices start from £99. We will look over your business and website alongside offering our suggestions. This will allow us to offer you a range of affordable SEO service packages for you to choose from. As we only focus on working with small & local business none of our packages will go over £299 for monthly management; options we usually range between £130-£280 depending on what is required. This is well below industry average. We also don't charge set up fees or send surprise invoices. All payments are paid via monthly direct debit via our payment provider GoCardless.

Any other questions?

We understand every business is unique and you may want to ask some questions before signing up. We offer bespoke affordable SEO packages for small businesses. Just send us a message and we will be happy to help. 

Our affordable SEO packages are the perfect solution if you want your business & website to appear for more potential customers on Google. We ensure you online presence & visibility increases. As your online presence & visibility increase your leads should as well.

We take a hands on approach and enjoy growing businesses. We love to hear when businesses say we are their favourite outgoing. We understand no one likes to spend money however our goal is to ensure you get a great long term return on investment when using our affordable SEO services. 

Contact us today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.